11 March 2018

On doing nothing and procrastination

Today is Mother’s day in the UK, which means I get to do even less today than I normally do on a Sunday Smile

Sometimes, doing nothing is very hard work. You have to keep yourself from doing something active, which means you need to find things that you can do passively. This often involves consuming visual media (movies and TV Shows), but even that can’t always keep me from doing things. I mean, I am sitting here with my laptop open writing a blog post, aren’t I?

I have been dreaming recently about building a bed and breakfast establishment that is also a library. I think I may just want to live in a library. I have also been thinking a lot about writing again. I have the need to finish one or two of the novels in progress, and really get someone other than me to read it. But the power of procrastination has been very strong recently, even stronger than my inability to do nothing, and so I am stuck in this place where I don’t want to do nothing, but I also cannot bring myself to do the things I really want to do.

But, since I have scheduled these regular blog writing sessions, I am getting more into a good mind space around writing and creating a welcoming space for the words. If I can sustain this for a few more months I will be able to schedule regular writing time for fictions. In the mean time, I will keep filling up the well.

I travelled to Leicester again this week, where the world was wrapped in fog for a day. This picture was taken outside the hotel I stayed at, and is an actual Pokestop, because I am a nerd and two years behind the rest of the world.


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