3 May 2015



I had another lovely week in Cape Town, and again, the scenery played along.

As much as I love the travelling, it can also be very challenging, especially when travelling three weeks in a row. It also gets quite lonely, as you are really removed from your ‘normal’ life, and don’t really have a point of normal during that time.

But just look at that view!

26 April 2015



This week was the first of three weeks in a row of travelling for me. Fortunately, the scenery tries to make up for me being away from home.

19 April 2015



Sunrise in Joburg can really be golden at times. I managed to capture this special shot walking through Rosebank early morning this week.

12 April 2015



We were fortunate enough to share in the wedding celebrations of two lovely friends this week-end. This is the cake topper, which was a hoot.

The wedding was particularly special because the bride’s father passed away two weeks before the wedding, and this was his last gift to the family. It was a beautiful ceremony and day.

5 April 2015



The husband and I celebrated our twentieth anniversary this week. Twenty years is a very, very long time, and yet, it doesn’t feel like it has been such a long time, really. We’ve been through so much in this time, and yet, here we are, twenty years later, still happy together and still best friends.

Of course, such a milestone always makes one think about relationships. It seems to be a rare things, these days, for a relationship to last this long. I feel so blessed.

Here’s to the next twenty Smile Red heart

The picture was taken in our front garden, at sunset, while waiting for our cab on our way to our anniversary dinner.

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