15 November 2021

Cruachan and guests in Dublin


This weekend, the husband and I went off to Dublin for our first gig since Feb 2020, which also happened to be our first gig since moving to Ireland.

Ah, yes, that happened. We moved to Ireland! But we will come back to that another time, maybe.

It has also been our first semi-post-pandemic big outing, so we were a little nervous about being around a lot of people again. To be honest, we’ve been avoiding gatherings for the last few months for many reasons, and even visiting restaurants have made us nervous. And yes, we are both fully vaccinated, but there are so many people out there who are quite selfish in this regard that we’ve just generally steered clear of people.


The gig was at The Grand Social, which is a grand venue indeed along the river Liffey and in a vibrant part of Dublin city. From arrival, we met some lovely friendly Irish metal heads and other assorted interesting folks, and it was so nice to just be for a bit, let our hair down and laugh quite a bit. Not sure if anyone’s noticed, but the Irish are quite funny in a ha-ha-ha kind of way.

And then the music started.


The first band up was God Alone.


I wish a picture could convey a vibe much better. Or the energy that these young lads had.

I may be slightly obsessed with telling everyone about them now.

These lads. My god. They blew my socks off. This stage was definitely not big enough for them, or their sound. They are a wonderful chaotic blend of many different sounds I love. My quick note to myself during the gig was that they sound like Opeth, Bauhaus and Einsturzende Neubauten spawned an offspring. I am not even sure if that was their intent, but the prog metal sound is strong in there.

After this, Ravenlight took to the stage with a good strong sound and fabulous female vocals.

We got a little overwhelmed by the number of people in the venue, so didn’t see too much of the Ravenlight set, and missed the Old Season set completely, but did manage to catch the headliners, Cruachan (pronounced kroo-kan apparently), who certainly did not disappoint. Strong folk metal sound and a fantastic stage presence – so glad we caught them.

We had a great night out, despite feeling a bit overwhelmed, and it was much needed.

The next gig we will be attending will be with the Hothouse Flowers and a few other bands on New Years’s Eve, and then Ensiferum and Dark Tranquility in April 2022.

16 October 2021

my dad is gone

My dad left us seven weeks ago. I've not really been able to get the words out since then. 
It is a hard thing, losing a parent. Especially if they are still on the younger side.
I mean, you never really accept that your parents are mortal. When you're a kid, they are your world, they are superheroes, even if they are flawed, and you believe they will be there forever. 

Our relationship was complicated. I have fond memories, and some really shitty ones. I try and focus on the good, but so much of my adult journey is because of the challenges he placed on my path.
For so long, I carried around so much anger towards him, and it is hard to let go of some of it.
But there is quite a lot of him in me. 

I loved him, and I miss him. I wish we could have one more visit. I wish he would send me one more joke.

Rest peacefully old man. At least his pain is over now. 

25 November 2020


Today, my heart is broken. The universe has reclaimed a big piece of my heart.

You gave me a love for stars and planets, Einstein and Brahe, for Tchaikovsky and Beethoven, learning new things and questioning everything.

We have not spoken in the longest time, but you are in my thoughts daily. 

I will always love you. 

Rest peacefully, old man. I will miss you always. 

29 April 2020


My calendar is a graveyard
of happy moments
events and outings 
that would have been, could have been
Punctuation in the cycles 

And now
We are in an endless loop
Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday 
Two Saturdays 
And then back to Tuesdays

And every day, the news
More fatalities
The lockdown continues 

And my calendar is a graveyard

8 March 2020


The path ahead dark
No markers, no pointers
No star to chase or 
Home to return to

The crystal ball is murky
Floundering confounded
At the mercy of the Fates
Pulling strings unknown 
Time unwound
Leaving me unbound
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