29 March 2015



My daughter has been drawing beautiful things again.

Her art teacher recently said that her art style would suit book illustrations, and I agree. I would love to see her art in some of my favourite books one day.

22 March 2015



I absolutely love the Gautrain at the moment. It allows me to travel, relatively inexpensively, to places I would not normally be able to get to, like Pretoria CBD.

It was one of my concerns with this job, that I would need to go see customers that may not generally be accessible to me, because I do not drive. But between Uber and the Gautrain, I have been able to go anywhere, really Smile

15 March 2015



This week, my most beloved author, Sir Terry Pratchett, passed away.

I was a voracious reader as a teenager, and read just about every book in our public library by the time I was 16. When I asked the librarian for suggestions, she handed me Pyramids, which I devoured in a few hours and returned for more.

When my daughter was a baby, I took her to a local mall one day (just to get out of the house). While walking around, I noticed a sign on one of the bookshops advertising a book signing by none other than Mr Pratchett (he wasn’t a sir quite yet then) for 2pm that afternoon. I bought some of his books not yet in my collection, patiently waited until 2pm and for 1 brief minute got to spend time in his presence while he signed books for me. They are my most treasured possessions.

No other writer has influenced how I see the world as much as Sir Pterry. He will live on in his writing.

(This picture was taken at the Discworld Emporium during our visit in July 2013.)

8 March 2015



I took this picture in the hotel room I stayed in this past week, because I liked the colours. It matches the colours we chose for our new bathroom.

I honestly cannot believe that ten weeks of this year have passed already. Ten weeks. Seventy days. With all the building stuff happening, we have been living in limbo for such a long time. Seventy days is nothing really, in comparison to the two years that our belongings have been in storage and our lives have been in disarray. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, because we have another 6 or so weeks left and then we can unpack our lives again. I can’t wait.

1 March 2015



Jozi. Egoli. Johannesburg… I really do love this city.

I have had a long-time love-hate relationship with this city, but have recently discovered that it is really more love than hate. I think it is because it feels like home.

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