19 February 2023

Plant update

Against all odds, both the cherry trees and the apple tree is blossoming, despite still growing in buckets in our dining room.

We also have some new sprouts today: tomato, spinach and chicory has joined the party.

I also, on a whim, bought a flower planter last weekend from the supermarket, and I am super happy to see sprouts there too. Just wish I'd taken down the name 🤣

I also bought a bigger greenhouse, which should hopefully arrive in the next week, ready for when I start migrating the seedlings to bigger planters.

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6 February 2023

It's planting season!

I am rather happy that the end of winter is approaching, and I can finally start thinking about gardening again.

I bought a few fruit trees at the end of last year, and they've been growing in pots indoors, and recently started budding.
Yesterday, I started with the seedlings for a mix of vegetables, fruit, edible and medicinal herbs. They're now incubating on a table in front of the window in my library, which gets good sun. I planted 38 different types of seeds in total and in varying quantities. 

So, in a few weeks I should have a few plants to start planting into bigger planters or preparing for their final homes outside.

11 January 2023

Starting again again



So, it has certainly been a while. The last two years have been… a lot…

I’ve said goodbye to my grandfather, father and grandmother. My mother’s currently being treated for cancer.

We’ve moved house, and moved again. And I keep writing blog posts in my head that never quite make it here.

But, it is a new year, and I have things. Maybe even words.

We bought a house last year, another fixer-upper, and the garden is a blank canvas. So soon, I will start with my seedling, and try and fill up the life-spaced gaps with green friends.

29 May 2022

The return of the music

And hopefully a revival of my ability to blog.

It has been a long two years. And I know the pandemic isn’t completely over, but it does feel like there is light now, and especially in Ireland, the numbers are low and the restrictions have been lifted.

And the music has returned.

After two years at home, we have finally been able to go to gigs again.And we have some festivals to look forward to as well.

6 April 2022: Ensiferum, The Academy, Dublin

Ensiferum band on stage bathed in green light

It is probably no secret by now that Ensiferum is one of my all time favourite bands. This was the fifth time I’ve seen them live, and I have seen then in four different countries now, and they never disappoint.

The Academy is a great, intimate venue, that allowed me a great view of the band without being right in the crowd.

And there is just something about this band that makes me incredibly happy.

The setlist was great, Sammi’s energy is unstoppable, and it was the best way to return to live music while living in a new country.

6 May 2022: Tool, 3 Arena, Dublin


I must be honest and admit that I’ve never really listened much to Tool, but when a friend asked if we wanted to join them for the gig, I couldn’t say no, because it has been so long since we’d seen anyone live, and it is always a good way to get to know a band.

3 Arena is massive, and the event was a seated one, which is interesting for a metal gig, but allowed me to really listen to the band.

Tool is an amazing prog metal experience without the vocals. Some of the music was reminiscent of Opeth, but I prefer deeper vocals, and this was just missing for me. I will probably not listen to much Tool in the future either for this reason.

A shoutout for support band Brass Against, who we’ve seen once before at Wacken, and is simply amazing.

25 May 2022, My Chemical Romance, The Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin


I never thought I would get the opportunity to see My Chemical Romance live, and when the reunion tour was originally announced, we still lived in the UK and tickets sold out quicker than I could say The Foundations of Ok. And then the pandemic happened, the tour got postponed, we moved and another date was added in Dublin. I got lucky.

First outdoor event for the year, and it was glorious. It was a lovely sunny evening, not yet so hot that you melt and cool enough to hop around if the mood grabbed.

And Gerard and the boys were amazing.

Also special shoutout to support act Gayle, who has an amazing voice and energy, and will now make it into my regular playlist on Spotify.

Our next music event is Prima Vera in Barcelona on 4 June, where we will get to see some long time favourites, including Einsturzende Neubauten, Nick Cave and Bauhaus.

I should start getting better at these again with some practise Smile

22 February 2022

Have you ever…

Have you ever
felt so completely empty
you cannot even think
or remember your own name

Have you ever
lost yourself so completely
you misplaced your soul
and forgot what breath means

Have you ever
felt so completely empty
that you cannot even string
a few shitty words together into a shitty poem

Have you seen me anywhere?

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