17 January 2015



I spent the week with a customer in one of my favourite buildings in Jozi – the Carlton Center Tower.

A long, long time ago (in what feels like a previous life) I used to spend every Friday and Saturday late afternoon on the 50th floor of this building, looking down at the world. It was a safe place for me. I love how small everything looks from up here, the city feels at peace.

A partial wall and updates


This week got off to a slow start, due to a delay in the delivery of the bricks for the front boundary wall. The bricks were finally delivered on Thursday afternoon and some progress was made in building the wall.

The husband also contacted the kitchen company on Monday to confirm if the quote was still in order – the quote we got in October 2013. Turns out it wasn’t, and one of the very nice reps came out yesterday to requote.

The delays caused by the approval of the plans really messed with our budget considerably, and we are already about R80k over budget *eep*

I will be travelling for the next 3 weeks, so updates may be slow. Expected work to be done in the next 3 weeks includes:

  • Completion of the laundry
  • Completion of the boundary wall
  • Breaking out of the wall between the kitchen and the rest of the house
  • Installation of the new front and back doors

Project budget: R600 000

Updated projected spend: R680 000

Total spent to date: R0.00

Expected spend for the next 3 weeks: R120 000

11 January 2015



I spent most of the week in Cape Town, which always provides spectacular views.

9 January 2015

It has begun

WP_20150109_008  After many, many months of delays and things and whatnots, we have finally, yes, finally started with Our Grand Design :)

Our contractor came back from the holidays with a bang, and presented us with a project plan and a start date, which was the 7th of January.

Work done this week:

They placed a temporary fence in the front garden, and started breaking down the current wall. In order to do this, they also had to move the pool pump from its current location to a spot a little deeper into the property.

This made me very happy, as the poolpump right next to the wall was a bit of a security risk, providing anyone with a bit of a foot up and over the wall.

We now have a lovely moat in front of our house (begging for some flesh eating fish or similar, but I must resist, as it will soon be the bed for our brand new wall)



Initial budget: R600 000,00

Spent to date: R0,00

Balance: R600 000,00

4 January 2015



From the wonderful The Art of the Brick now on in Cape Town.

And so I kick off 52 weeks of a picture a week posts.

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