11 things

  1. I am a South African expat living in England with my husband and our offspring. I do sometimes blog about them, and more now so that I have merged the family blog with my own. We are recent expats (Oct 2016), which means I do blog about the experience of the move from time to time as well.
  2. I work in IT as a Cloud type person.. Sometimes, I do cool things in my day to day job that I sometimes like to share on my tech blog. But my opinions (on this blog and that one) may not represent those of my employer. This blog is mine in my private capacity (as is my tech blog).
  3. I like to think about politics, and may even have an opinion about it once in a blue moon. And sometimes, when my balls are bigger than my brains, I even blog about it.
  4. I love to take pictures of my every day life. Lots of them. My husband believes I am the eternal tourist.
  5. I write stories when the bug bites, and would like to sell my stories one day when I grow up. Preferably as slaves.
  6. I listen to a lot of music from a wide variety of genres, but tend to lean towards the darker sounds. Mostly obsessed with folk metal, steam punk and gypsy punk. I live for Kaizers Orchestra, Ensiferum and Opeth.
  7. I am an avid reader, and can read a lot, when work/life allows. Favourite authors are Pratchett, Gaiman and Murakami. I buy a LOT of books, and sometimes only read them years later. My current reading binge is SciFi series that have spawned TV shows, such as The Expanse.
  8. I like to tinker in the garden sometimes, and may even occasionally grow things. 
  9. My husband and I, on occasion, may revamp a room in our home, which I rather enjoy, especially if I can throw something interesting into the mix, such as blending old and new from different worlds. As tennants in a new country, this is something we miss, but we are dreaming of the things we will do to a house when we buy again.
  10. I am an unrepentant fangirl, with a large number of fandoms. I love SciFi, especially space opera with star in the name (Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate), and love the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  11. I am a lapsed vegetarian and a teetotaller. You'd be surprised how much this influences how you live and how people treat you.

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