20 September 2014

Our Grand Design update

House Plans with Measurements[11] Earlier this year I mentioned that we will be embarking on some renovations at home and that we were waiting for approval of plans from the council. At the time, I was a little optimistic and believed the plans would be approved late in April. April came and went, and our architect only submitted the plans for approval early in May. Six weeks turned into four months, but finally, we have council approved plans, which means we can now go ahead and get the rest of the bits in place for the bank to release the bucks. We will be signing some paperwork with the attorneys this coming week, and then we should be good to go – providing our contractor still has capacity to take on this job.

We started this process just over a year ago. If all goes well, we could possibly start building before the end of the year. We each have a picture in our heads of what the final picture will look like, which has kept us going through this period of waiting – I just really hope it will be able to sustain us through the oncoming chaos.

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