20 September 2014

On travelling for business

WP_20140913_088 Something I hear often recently is what a jetsetter I have become and often the comment has a slight undertone. A mix of awe and jealousy. What a glamorous life I must lead now, with flights to distant locations and hotel stays and restaurant dinners.

But travelling for business is nothing like travelling for pleasure.

The first time you stay in a great hotel is, well, great. You marvel at the luxury wrapped snugly in your fluffy hotel gown while possibly eating the overpriced nuts from the minibar. But the marvel fades rapidly after the first Skype call home and soon the hotels become a blur and you miss your own bed like it is a missing limb. And when you travel for business, you typically don’t get to experience the sights your exotic destination offers, because, surprise, you’re working. And because you’re away from home and your own stuff, you may even work a little more than you would when you are at home. Because travel for business can be lonely.

You do find things to keep yourself busy with. Most hotels have a gym, so many use this time to improve their health. Even I’ve started doing some exercises at night in my hotel room – I’m not quire ready to touch equipment used by others. I’ve also been able to catch up a little on my reading, as I have fewer distractions. Mobile hobbies are important.

After a while, I crave home cooking, even my own. I tend to avoid going to restaurants by myself, especially the hotel restaurant, unless I have no other option. Because eating by yourself can be miserable, and I’d rather be miserable in my hotel room wrapped in the hotel gown, feet snuggly in the hotel slippers while pounding away at my laptop getting another hour or two of work in.

I do, however, try and make a point of giving myself a little bit of extra time in the nicer places, so that I can go see some sights at least. Like these:

Sunset in Camps Bay


The Harbour in Hout Bay


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