31 December 2013

2013: A year in pictures



January is made up, always, of my birthday. This year we also hit the open road to see some long lost friends, and really put some focus on selling our house.



February belongs to my daughter, who celebrated her 16th year of existence this year. We also accepted an offer on our house.



In March, we packed. And packed some more. And then went on holiday to Cape Town.


Apparently, all we did in April was pack and pack and pack some more, and then we went to see Metallica live at Soccer City.


In May, we packed and packed and packed some more. And finally found a new home.



We moved! It took a little while to unpack and settle in, but we got there in the end. June also saw the first real cold of Winter kick in (Winter is Coming). We celebrated my dad and his twin sister’s 60 birthdays and I ended the month off with a bang and then a whimper, as I threw myself down some stairs.



We went to the local ‘Con, and my daughter did an awesome Homestuck cosplay. Also aquired a Rasberri Pi. And then this happened:


And we spent some time with some of our favourite people in the world, pictured above.



And when we got home, we got some new couches and renovated our study.



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We bought a stove – super sparkly new one – my daughter made good art, I got my new Nokia Lumia, we started walking in the park regularly, our pool cleared up and we had an amazing time at a company function.




We hopped on a plane again, this time to George airport to visit my mother for her 60th birthday. What a great week-end.



I decided that I needed some non-screen related hobbies, and bought a bunch of art stuff, including glass stain. I will really start using this in the new year in the evenings while I sit with my daughter when she’s doing homework. I also took some really cool photos, and we had a lovely team-building outing to Gold Reef City.




December is one of my favourite months. Summer in Jozi is really glorious, and in December we see big skies, big storms and beautiful greenery. We now live close to Delta Park, and really make use of this by trying to walk in the park on a daily basis.

2013 has been one of the busiest years we have had in a long time, with lots of milestone birthdays and other activities. Househunting was tremendously stressful, but it worked out beautifully in the end.

Here’s to 2014. May it be a year of peace and happiness for all.

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