22 May 2011

Whiskers on kittens

A couple of my favourite pictures taken in the last two weeks



And then, a meme nicked from Harassed Mom.

Favourite Song – Still is Korpiklaani’s With Trees. It speaks to me in a way that nothing else does right now.


Favourite Shop – Exclusive Books
Favourite chocolate – Cote D’Or
Favourite food – Anything with pasta and cheese
Favourite meal that I make – Mushroom Bolognese (new favourite meal to make)
Favourite flower – Rose
Favourite time of the day – Dusk
Favourite colour to wear – Black
Favourite shoes – My chucks
Favourite drink – Chai tea
Favourite place to walk the children – Zoo lake
Favourite place to take the kids – Movies
Favourite every day restaurant – Mugg and Bean
Favourite place for holidays – anywhere close to the ocean
Favourite man – The Q
Favourite TV show – Big Bang Theory, Chuck and Doctor Who.
Favourite season – Autumn

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