22 May 2011

Food: week ahead

Prevent-Heart-disease1This past week has been really crazy, what with the local government elections and all slap bang in the middle of the week. As I worked at one of the voting stations and, as a result, got very little sleep, we did not keep to the week’s menu completely – we skipped Thursday night’s Vegetable Korma and just had a light mushroom Bolognese again – but working out the menu for the week in advance worked out great, and ensured we had enough  vegetables in the fridge to eat healthy every day.

We also attended a Wellness day at work this week, and had all our levels checked again. Quentin’s cholesterol levels were still high (higher than they should be) but not quite as high as the results that came back from the insurance tests. My cholesterol measured fine, as did my blood sugar, so there must be something to this vegetarian diet.

Here is the menu for this week:

Sunday Vegetable pot with dumplings
Monday Broccoli and ricotta cannelloni
Tuesday Shepherd’s pie
Wednesday Pancakes with mushroom filling
Thursday Mushroom stroganoff
Friday Cheese and leek burgers

Some recipes may not seem that healthy, but I try and replace the unhealthy ingredients with healthier ones, while still making fun meals that the entire family will eat. As with this past week, I will post the recipes on the day.

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