9 August 2008

Thoughts on Entrecard and repeat eyeballs

IMAG0512 I have had an Entrecard for a couple of weeks now, and have noticed a fair amount of traffic being generated to my blog from Entrecard. But, I haven’t really noticed an increase in feed readers.

When i browse through the blogs on Entrecard, I tend to add the ones I like to Stumble, and then I will drop my card. If I really like the blog, I will also add it to my feed reader.

I do return to the sites I have Stumbled on a regular basis, but may not read them every week.

So I can see how traffic to the site can increase. But I also know there are many blogs that I will only visit once, and never return to again. I was hoping there would be an easy way to correlate the traffic generated from Entrecard back to return eyeballs. MyBlogLog does, to a degree, help with this, but not every visitor is a MBL user, so there could be other repeat eyeballs that go untracked.

Without being able to track the repeat eyeballs, it would be hard to know what content is more preferable.

And therein lies the other conundrum. This blog has never had one set theme, not even when it was two separate blogs. Writing focused content may become boring, losing the repeat eyeballs anyway.

Roll in Web 7.0, where everyone will be barcoded and leave their fingerprints on your full 4 dimensional blog with streaming thoughts straight into the subconscious.

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