16 August 2008

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Harry Potter movie makers fear the next installment of the fantasy franchise will flop - because J.K. Rowling has released the last novel in the series.

The first five films were a huge box office success, cashing in on the hype surrounding the publication of Rowling's books.

But the seventh and final text was in bookshops last year - and there are still three movies yet to hit theatres.

The film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is set for release next year, while the final book - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - will be split into two pictures.

And screenwriter Steve Kloves admits to Entertainment Weekly, "I'm not going to lie to you. I do have some concern that because the books are over, the anticipation won't be the same.

"It would be a complete car crash if no one showed up." (Ig/Ew)

Potter Bosses Fear Movie Flop

I am not surprised. In fact, just yesterday I made the following comment on another friend’s blog:

I love HP, but I do believe a studio pushes out a movie citing the reasons they did, there is something else up, and the Twilightverse is a powerful contender as an HP replacement, especially as the HP franchise is coming to an end. Possibly, the push out of HP6 has nothing to do with Twilight and everything to do with the fact that HP is coming to an end and they would like to capitalize on the franchise for as long as possible. Unfortunately, movie studios have never thought about the fans and always about the bottom line (you only need to watch GoF to realize this).
You do not change a major fall release to a summer release without there being something jeopardizing the release, like another big release that could conflict. And yes, all the Twilight fans are HP fans, and have all said they would support both. But the general public, moving outside the fandoms, will possibly not be as loyal, and may chose one above the other.

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