9 June 2008

Review: Prince Caspian

My daughter and I took a trip to Narnia this week-end. I wish it was exciting as that sounded.

Actually, we just watched the latest instalment of the Narnia franchise, Prince Caspian.

Unfortunately, I missed reading the series as a child - not sure how - so I do not have this inherent fondness for everything Narnia as some of my contemporaries seem to have. And, when I compare the latest instalment with the other big fantasy movies released recently, it is certainly found lacking something. The sets were beautiful, the acting certainly not below standard, but the story itself I found to be predictable.

For me, story is important, especially in a market that is saturated with good fantasy movies. And, currently, the market is brimming with fantasy movies, a trend that I see will continue for a good couple of years (but that could just be my wishful thinking talking).

My daughter, on the other hand, loved the movie, and walked straight from the cinema to the bookstore to buy the book (she already owns the first three Narnia books). She has also lamented the fact that the movie isn't out on DVD yet.

Obviously, the movie is aimed more at the pre-teen/YA market, as other adults appear to have found a little bland as well.

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