30 March 2008

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'ANC will accept any leader out of Zimbabwe polls'
March 30, 2008, 16:45
The ANC has reacted positively to the possibility of an opposition victory in Zimbabwe.
ANC Secretary-General, Gwede Mantashe, says the party is happy that the elections in Zimbabwe seem to be free and fair so far. He says his party will accept any leader who is able to work hand in hand with South Africa.
Mantashe has been addressing a rally in his home town of Cala in the Eastern Cape. He says they will wait for the official announcement of the results. “When the observer missions were leaving for Zimbabwe we said we wish Zimbabweans good luck for a free and fare elections. We refused the temptation of condemning those elections before they started.
“We are monitoring the results as they trickle in now, the fact that up to this morning the MDC was leading gives us hope that they were free and fair.
"But we know if not all the results have come in, we cannot count the chickens before they are hatched. Whatever results will come out there we will welcome as the ANC.”
SABCnews.com - politics/the_parties

Other parties are not so optimistic about the outcomes of the Zim polls, which makes me a little worried. It would almost seem like, no matter which way the polls go, Mugabe will stay in power.
Of course the ANC would accept any leader of the Zim polls, because, heaven knows, how could we expect them to now suddenly develop an opinion on the state of affairs in this once prosperous country? And my biggest concern is that they (the ANC, that is) keeps announcing that the Zimbabwean elections are free and fare (sic). It makes me wonder what we are in store for next year April, when it is our time to go to the polls.
If Mugabe is defeated and the defeat is accepted, Zimbabwe could have an entirely new government in days, signaling, hopefully, the beginning of a new era for the trouble-plagued country. And, if this is the case, it might show the people of this country that it is possible to change the government without returning to the old, colonial ways (unless Mugabe's syphilis has filtered through into the brains of this country too), but rather returning to the principles of Ubuntu and a refresh in the African Renaissance.

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