30 March 2008

Earth Hour goes global | Reuters

By Jeremy Lovell and Eric Auchard
LONDON/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The Sydney Opera House to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge went dark as people switched off lights in their homes and skylines dimmed around the world on Saturday to show concern with global warming.
Up to 30 million people were expected to have turned off their lights for 60 minutes by the time "Earth Hour" -- which started in Suva in Fiji and Christchurch in New Zealand -- completed its cycle westward.
More than 380 towns and cities and 3,500 businesses in 35 countries signed up for the campaign that is in its second year after it began in 2007 in Sydney, Australia's largest city.
"Earth Hour shows that everyday people are prepared to pull together to find a solution to climate change. It can be done," said James Leape of WWF International, which was running the campaign.
Earth Hour goes global | Reuters
And, for those of us who live in South Africa, we have at least 4 hours of Earth Hour every day. Let's hope the Eskom officials didn't read this, because it would give them even more reason to hold us hostage switch us off and demand bigger increases.
When the Cosatu march and strike action is finally a reality, I will be there, as I hope the rest of the people of my country will be.

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