30 March 2008

Our Garden



Our back garden is a little sanctuary. The house and the high walls block out most of the sounds of the neighbourhood, allowing us some peace and quiet.

One can often hear the Louries singing, and might even, on occassion, catch a glimpse of them, as they take a break on our roof, before flying off again.

The wooden wind chimes that I bought Quentin last year in Riversdal add a peaceful song on breezy days.

This is the little flower bed as one steps out of our back door. It is such a happy sight, especially one the dreary days we have been having recently.



The pink roses as one enters our front gate are finally blooming now, and they are just so pretty, reminding me of an English country garden.





And our garden will not be complete without our two fluffies, who don't necessarily keep it pest free, but they do spend more time sleeping in it than the rest of us do, and that must have something to do with the health of the garden.

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