30 March 2008

As I live and breathe...

I feel like I have woken up on a different planet this morning.
First, the news of a possible defeat for Mugabe in Zimbabwe hit me square between the eyes. And then, the story of the pregnant er... what to call this person.
Should the news be true, and Mugabe's reign is finally over, it spells a whole bunch of change for the southern bits of our continent. Or, that is the theory, in any case.
My mind keeps saying, it cannot get worse than Mugabe, right? However, the history of this violent continent has taught me not to see government changes as blessings until they have proven themselves as such. So, it is with a fair amount of hesitation that I slowly open the bubbly to bid Mugabe a speedy exit, and hope it is not a case of The King is Dead, Long Live the King.
That said, should Tsvangirai live up to his promises and potential, it would usher in a whole new era for Southern Africa. Africa's breadbasket can return to the fertile lands it once was, and create many opportunities for its citizens, as well as those from surrounding countries. Of course, it would take about 50 years to return to the garden of Eden it once was, but it would have goals and it would be rid of the shackles of paranoia.

But please, could someone explain to me why someone would go through the entire process of having a sex change, and then be artificially inseminated and carry a child in a body that is no longer suitable? This is going to bug me for days to come, I am sure.

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