27 May 2018

On growth and make-believe


I’ve been doing a lot of introspection recently. And, by recently, I actually mean the last six months or so. I have felt some perceived pressure to change direction, and it really is perceived because, for some reason, I have made myself believe it is there, even though it isn’t.

And while thinking about this in great depth, I have noticed how easy it is to lull oneself into a false sense of growth, just because one is ticking all the boxes. And doing things simply because it checks all the boxes does not really allow for growth.

And looking back over the last few months, I have wasted a lot of time anguishing about this perceived pressure, rather than doing things as I would have in the past. And by doing this, I have killed off a bit of my mojo.

Time to return to that space outside my comfort zone, where I create things rather than consume and chase dragons rather than cuddle kittens.

Just one question: where did I hide the gummy berry juice?

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