22 April 2018

On sunshine


This week, the sun came out in full swing, and there was much rejoicing in the land.

I took some holiday days this week, which I spent with my youngling out in the garden soaking up the rays. Sometimes, we just need some downtime. My next holidays will be spent in Paris, hopefully, as the youngling and I are planning a quick week-end trip to Paris for Lollapalooza in July.

I have had many thoughts this week that I planned on blogging, but I am still working through them and structuring them in my head. But it is all about best moments and nostalgia. We so often look back and glorify the past that we forget to live now, but I feel like this right here is the best moments of my life so far.

And I leave you with this lovely picture of our neighbour’s cat, Jazzy, who visits on sunny days and allows us to pet him and love him and give him belly rubs. Almost all of the benefits of being a cat slave without the responsibility.


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