3 February 2018

On aging up and memories

Twenty one years ago, my life changed forever. This wonderful little human came into my life and gave me a reason to live and be the best me I can ever be.

I dug out some of our photos of this person from the last twenty one years, and tried to distil this down to my favourites, which has proven to be really hard.


I like this picture of us so much, with my mom in the background. My mom then was the same age as I am now.


When our offspring was a baby, I tried to record some of their growth by making hand and foot prints. Look how much they have grown since then Smile


And then, how do you capture twenty one years of moments into one blog post? How do you choose your favourite moments with your child? I am grateful that I try and record every moment with my camera, and even more grateful that I live in a age of digital photography.


I am honoured to be your mother. You have taught us so much about life and about being good humans. I am immensely proud of the human you have become and look forward to seeing where your journey takes you.

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