29 June 2013

Saturday 10:20

DSCF1081Oh my word. In just 20 days, we’re on a plane again Smile

I fell down some stairs Sunday evening past, walking down stairs while trying to take a picture of the supermoon. It resulted in a twisted ankle with torn ligaments and a fuckload of pain. It may impede my ability to explore foreign cities in said upcoming trip a little, but I have a moonboot and I am not afraid to use it.

I am feeling a little nostalgic today. I spent some time on Tumblr this morning, going through the Blixa Bargeld tag, and remembered again just how much I love Neubauten, and how much I have always shipped Nick and Blixa, even before it was called shipping Winking smile. And this video/song…

I really miss writing at the moment, and hope the stories return. I read one of my old stories yesterday after someone on twitter asked for a link to something I’ve written, and then missed writing even more – because, every now and again, I write something that I do actually like.

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