15 June 2013

On Moving

So, we’ve done this moving thing. Amazing to think that just a month ago, we knew we had to move, and had packed up all our belongings into containers, but we didn’t have a destination. Things work out in the end..

We have a LOT of stuff. Our final box count was 74, and that excludes the 15 blag bags filled with clothing and linen, as well as the toys and things we moved before the big day. And the furniture.

This is what happens when nerds move:

It was a little bittersweet saying goodbye to the old house. We lived there for just over 6 years, and really made it our own.

Last goodbye…

Hope the new owner is as happy there as we were.

As for us, we moved into a house that we bought – well, we’ve put in the offer, the offer’s been accepted, the bond’s been granted and all those things are now in progress.

And it feels like home already.


And we have dreams and plans.


Mandy said...

Oh, that's big news! I didn't know you'd bought it. Great news V! Looking forward to seeing it soon.

Claymore said...

Very cool!

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