6 March 2013

New toy

We picked up a Fujifilm FinePix S4400 today, so I will probably be posting some pictures here for a bit as I get to know the camera and learn a little bit about taking photos with something other than a mobile phone.



Same image, closer crop


Messing around Smile



Mandy said...

Oh wow, it's got great macro function! This is the camera I wanted before a whole lot of people convinced me to get the Canon. I still regret it because it has a fantastic zoom plus image stabilisation. I thought your lighting looked perfect in your other pics by the way but I know my old FujiFilm point and shoot struggled in low lighting.

Vee said...

Thanks. Why were you discouraged to get this camera? Or was it simply that the Canon was more recommended?

Mandy said...

If I remember correctly, the one I wanted was a bridge camera but I was advised to get the DSLR and to go for interchangeable lenses rather than a fixed lens. I regret that the most because I'm simply never going to spend £250 on a zoom lens when I can just buy what I wanted in the first place - the FujiFilm.

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