5 March 2013

Bipolar on my mind*

In 2003, I went crazy. And not long after, I spent some time in a hospital, where I learnt I wasn’t actually crazy, but just a little unwell. And there was Karen, who could have been my mirror, if she wasn’t Zulu. And she loved this song.

I was standing in the shower this evening, thinking, as one does, about life and things, and this song popped into my head, and I instantly wondered what happened to Karen. Because I suck at keeping in touch with people. I really do. I try, and with Facebook and Twitter, it has become easier, but I suck at keeping in touch.

But as I was thinking, I realised it was 2013. Ten years since my last breakdown. And then I thought about the 10 years before that, and realised I had another breakdown then. And then years before that, I had my first. So I cannot help but wonder…

But maybe, since I’ve named the dragon, and I know what it looks like, just maybe I have it under control?

In just 22 days, we will be at the coast for 6 days of sunshine and mountain and ocean. I think we really do need a holiday. And I look forward to playing the tourist game in our own country.

Oh look, clouds.


And when we come back, we pack and hopefully find a new home to live in as a temporary base until we figure out where our next step is. Because stuff. And things. And places.

* with respect, the title is a play on this:

Mostly because that was the in-head entertainment during the shower that sparked all of this.

I still wonder what happened to Karen. But I can’t exactly post on Twitter that I am looking for my long-lost Zulu sister from the looney bin. But maybe I can find her on Facebook. I’ll go looking. Watch this space.

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