2 June 2012

154 of 366

And now, for something completely different. Because, I guess the point of a project like this is to share different aspects of our lives, right? So, dear reader, brace yourself as I present…

Me, first thing in the morning.


Move along now. Not polite to point and laugh.

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Lucas Darr said...

There are few things more beautiful than waking up next to your woman in the morning. Hair askew and devoid of makeup, if you snuggle close you can get a smile that lights up the room much better than what is coming in from the bedroom window.

Even with the morning still hanging around our mouths, there is nothing sweeter than that good morning kiss.

If you're feeling mischievous, when you press down on her bladder she will shoot from the bed like a rocket, trailing curse words and vowing revenge after she has taken care of business.

Women in the morning are perfect.

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