9 October 2011

Sunday 11:34am

It is Sunday. A beautiful, gloriously sunny Sunday, with blue skies and the promise of Summer right around the corner. Because, strangely, even though we are well into October already, Summer isn’t here yet. But the promise is there, as is the promise of rain.

Four weeks later, 3 courses of antibiotics, a course of cortisone and several doctors visits later, and I am still not better. i may be experiencing a bit of frustration as a result. Funny, however, how suddenly everyone becomes a specialist. They hear me cough, and ask me if I have increased my vit C intake, or why I haven’t gone for a B-complex injection, or you know, generally taken better care of myself. As if I am a clueless child just sitting by while my body falls apart. I know people mean well, but it gets a little frustrating. Especially considering that my condition is caused by my general weak chest and life-long asthma, rather than some viral infection. I really should be living at the coast, but if all goes well, I will be within a year.

But in between the coughing, I have been doing a spot of gardening, attended the first of the year end functions and taken some other random pictures. Here are some of my recent favourites.




Mandy said...

Poor thing! It is so hard to shake a chronic infection because the tools you need to fight it are exactly what are depleted. I hope you get better soon.

Are you moving to the coast? No more plans to move to Germany?

Vee said...

Thanks :)

And yes, the plan is still to move to Germany. The two cities we have our hearts set on I see as coastal cities, and they definitely have coastal climes.
No, out of SA we must and will, by hook or by crook.

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