9 October 2011

Building the back garden

DSC02130Before we started our renovations earlier this year, we had a fairly nice looking front garden, with a couple of flaws, but the back garden was just one big sprawling mess. We always had plans with the back garden, but other things ended up taking priority. After the renovations, there wasn’t much of a garden left, both in front of the house and in the back, and since we have decided to put the house on the market, we have had no choice but to finally get this space under control.

This is what the back garden looked like before the renovations started:


My biggest problem with this space was always the amount of concrete. I am part hobbit and love to walk around barefooted, but the concrete is hard on the feet. The rest of the layout has also been frustrating, and, just in general, the space did not work for me.

We (and by we, I really mean Quentin) have been working tirelessly to get the back garden into shape. First step was to build a small retaining wall, and fill in this space so we can cultivate a lawn. We did take a little shortcut, and purchased instant lawn, because of our tight deadlines. This made a massive instant impact to this space, and the rest of the bits just started falling into place.


Have also been reorganising the garden beds, replacing beds with potted plants and planting some flowers into this space.


Quentin has also started paining the house, and it is already starting to look much better. Can’t wait for it to be finished.


Now, we just need a bit of rain.

Next up, rebuilding the front garden.

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