1 October 2011

A life decluttered

20092011880I realised recently that I was failing completely at social media. And the main reason for this was that I was just drowning in the amount of everything that was available. Because it is so easy to click subscribe/follow/like/friend. And before you know it, you need to quit your day job just to keep up. And this is all well and fine for those who have decided to dedicate their lives to social media, but I stopped living, and then stopped consuming the crap in my social media streams, and then stopped visiting those sites all together, missing things that were actually relevant to my life.

I thought the answer may simply be to divorce email. And this was all right, but family started complaining. Then I realised it may actually be perfectly alright to stop following every single person from Microsoft, or every single band member from all my favourite and not-so-favourite bands. And it may actually be perfectly acceptable to only have people I know as friends on Facebook.

So, the big declutter has begun, and man, it feels good. Suddenly, I can keep track of what is going on on Twitter, without needing heart tablets. And I almost feel like I can post anything to Facebook again. And, who knows, I may actually be able to read my friends’ blogs, because I am no longer drowning in noise in my RSS reader.

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