25 September 2011

Sunday 8:46am

I have been in bed for days now, or so it feels. It also feels like I have had a cold since february. Getting a little tired of the sniffles.
It has given me some time to catch up on my Star Trek, and some reading too. It has also given me time to get better acquainted with my iPad.
I am starting to miss human interaction. Hopefully we will get some rain soon.
Still feeling homesick for another place, and feeling fairly uncomfortable in my skin - but maybe this is just seasonal too. We are planning a trip to Deutschland for end of march 2012, will see if I still feel the same afterwards.

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Mandy said...

Yuck. Change of season flu sucks. I also had one ten days ago.

Germany will still be in the throes of winter in March. Make sure you pack the thickest of your winter clothing and don't expect spring. Spring in Europe is not the same as our spring! We made the mistake of expecting mild weather when we visited Spain on our honeymoon. As long as you're warm enough, you'll be fine!!

Vee said...

Kill all the aliens :)

Thanks, will be sure to pack lots of warm.

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