24 April 2011

Room make-over: Sinead’s room

After we moved into our current home just over 4 years ago, Sinead was still very much a little girl, and we painted her room a pale purple to go with her taste at the time. Sinead has, however, grown up a little since then, and her tastes have changed considerably, and so it was time to give her room a bit of a make-over.



Sinead chose a lovely deep blue, Martian Sky, for two of the walls, and a light Pearl for the other two. Quentin and Sinead spent most of yesterday painting.


I took Sinead’s icky brown blinds outside, and gave them a bit of a facelift.


Now to put it all back together again.


.The colours work beautifully, and allows the light to play in her room.


Quentin and I bought a new bed recently, which should be delivered around the 10th of May. Our current bed will then go to Sinead, which means she will only get new bedding once the bed arrives. We also need to get a couple of decorative items to go with the new colours and following the current Doctor Who obsession Smile

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