15 March 2011

Tuesday 21h29

DSC02155The husband and I joined some of my high school class mates for a 20 year reunion the other night. It was so nice to see every one, and to realise that we are all pretty much the same, all these years later. We’ve all been through crap, mostly similar, and we’ve all come out the other side in more or less the same place.

I have realised, however, that I have become incredibly polite. Always smiling, nodding, even when I don’t agree, because, you know, it is what you do. I was reminded, in glimpses, of who I used to be. I am not sure I like being so damn polite all the time, but I am pretty damn sure I cannot go back to being so, well, outspoken. To be continued.

And of course, I have been completely glued to every single news outlet I could find for the past couple of days. Social media is fantastic, especially in times of crisis. My heart aches for Japan.

It is 3 days and 21 hours until I leave for my very first ever trip out of the country, off the continent and across the ocean. The nerves are slowly making way for excitement. Because, regardless of how I feel about gambling, it is Vegas. Oh yeah.

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