12 February 2011

Saturday 9:26

  • Facebook has made me a lazy blogger.
  • I am exhausted. I am not really sleeping very well, and when I do sleep deep enough to dream, the dreams are dark. I did dream about drowning in happy numbers last night, which I’ve been told is not a bad thing.
  • I miss writing. I really, really miss writing. I just simply don’t have words. I am drained. But the novel is still visiting me when I least expect it, and I know I have to finish the edit/polish soon before it drives me completely insane. I just need some time. A sabbatical maybe.
  • Only 173 days until Wacken. 24 weeks until we fly.
  • And 5 weeks until I fly out to Vegas. I guess I should get cracking on that little Visa thing.
  • I was hoping to see something fun while I’m in Vegas, but, with my luck, the only performances on during that week are by Celine and Manilow.

Here’s something else fun.


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