17 February 2011

3 characters to watch out for

These are based on both real-life characters as well as fictional ones.

avatar1The Hero

He is cool, he is suave, and everyone thinks he’s just awesome. And when there is a crisis, he is there to save the day. But sometimes, you get the feeling that he may have set the crisis up in some way, just so he could ride in at the last moment to save the day.

avatar2The Brain

He knows everything. If you want to know anything, from building aqueducts to nuclear physics, he’s the guy to ask. He is smart, and funny, and very, very intimidating. But if you want good conversation, or to learn something really interesting and obscure, talk to him. Because, oh god, no-one else will, in fear of his very sharp wit.

avatarThe Joker

He’s funny, and everything thing can be turned into a practical joke. You’re afraid to shake his hand at times, and may crack a very inappropriate joke in the middle of a very serious meeting or right when the monster attacks.


Avatars courtesy of the Harry Potter doll maker found here.

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