26 December 2010

2010 in review: Books, Movies and TV


I really haven’t read enough this year, despite the ever-growing pile of books on my bedside table. In fact, most of the books I read this year were rereads, but my favourite first-time-reads for the year must be:




Big year for big movies again, especially with the year really starting off with the end of the wave that was Avatar doing all sorts of things at the box office that made a lot of grown men shed many, many happy tears.

My two favourites for the year (other than Avatar, of course) have to be:


With Harry Potter, Spud and Inception coming in for a tie at third.




I have spent most of this year catching up on Star Trek, especially Enterprise and Deep Space 9, as well as a variety of old sitcoms, such as Dharma and Greg.

I also, finally, started watching Doctor Who (as well as Torchwood and the Sarah-Jane Adventures) and have become slightly addicted in the process.





There is probably some theme in here somewhere that may indicate my current mental age Smile

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