24 November 2010

Wednesday 21:40


Lots of things on my mind at the moment. Have absolutely sucked at NaNoWriMo this year – managed a meagre 3600 words before I ran out of… not sure what, but something.

Absolutely obsessed with every detail of our trip to Germany next year. I keep plotting it out on Google Maps, and then googling every single stop along the way. It cannot come soon enough. Have also decided to see the world around music festivals, and have started compiling a list of festivals we want to attend.

Cannot believe this year is about to end. Some moments, the end cannot come soon enough, others, there is still so much to do. Changing role at work on 1 December, which is going to bring all sorts of new challenges – makes brain happy.

My daughter goes to high school next year. This finally hit me some time this month. She’s actually going to high school.

And all I can say is thank you for Beacon Midnight Velvet and Alpro Chocolate Soy Milk. Life without chocolate seemed very, very bleak. Still need to find a suitable replacement for cheese, and then life will be all good.

And have I mentioned how much I love MusicBee?


Mandy said...

Exit Festival!!!!!!!

Sorry, am back in my corner.

Vanessa said...

So on my list. Which is ever growing.

Mandy said...

Well, let me know if it ever becomes a reality - I'll join you there. I might join you at other festivals too just not, um, Wacken. :) Heard of Benicassim?

Anonymous said...

Nano seems to be a curse for many people. It's just too hard!

Vanessa said...

@tenderhooligan: NaNo is really hard if you have a more-than-full-time job which you really love. I have decided that I will shelve the writing for a while anyway, love focusing on my career right now :)

Vanessa said...

@Emm: will let you know each time we plan a trip :)

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