28 November 2010

Picture catchup

I downloaded the photos from my phone today for the first time in apparently quite some time (I’ve had machine issues). Here are a couple of my favourites.

Johannesburg experienced a sun dog recently.


Our cats, sitting on the wall, waiting for us to depart so that they can start their party.


Our Frank, snug as a bug sleeping in the garden.


My daughter has this little obsession going. This is from the inside of one of her school books.



And then, finally, Christmas is around the corner. I love this time of year.

This is the pretty tree of lights from our local shopping centre.


Poinsettias from a customer’s indoor garden


Super balls of lights (and I love the reflections in the glass roof above)


And lastly, the husband and I attended company year end function last night, which was an absolute blast. The theme was Absolutely Fabulous, and we were told to dress up outrageous – so we went as anime ninja alien assassins (or something like that).


I was also completely overwhelmed being awarded the Pro-activity award. I had to go onto the stage to accept it and everything. And as I am not really a very spotlighty kind of person, it caused my knees to shake for quite some time afterwards.


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