29 November 2010

Her royal Buttness decrees…

DSC01721This year has been a very interesting year, so far (because, of course, it’s not over yet) and it has brought some interesting changes to my life, as well as my general approach to life.

I probably have my priorities all screwed up, but, typically, order of importance for me is as follows:

  • My daughter
  • My husband
  • Work
  • My parents and my brother
  • Friends (friends, not acquaintances)
  • everyone else

Yes. This means that work comes before anything or anyone, other than my daughter and husband. And this may be wrong, but how often do you find something that you absolutely love doing that you can get paid lots of money for? And yes, this means that if there is a crisis at work, and a friend has a crisis, I may very well chose the work crisis.

You see, I am not very good with the people bits. I can talk to people, and guide them and mentor them, but I cannot really help them, and I get frustrated when people ask for advice, and then do the complete opposite of what I told them to do.

Probably a good thing I’d never pursue a career in politics. I would be the worst dictator in the history of the entire universe. I have a list of rules all made up already:

  • Her royal Buttness is always right. Do not argue with the Butt
  • Stupid will not be tolerated and her royal Buttness reserves the right to not only ridicule the stupid before they are put to death publically
  • All hail her royal Buttness

Yes, the list continues.

But, I digress. And I think I forgot the point of this too.

One thing I have realised is that finally, for the first time in my life, I feel comfortable with who I am (me), where I am (here) and what I am (human). And work – my job, my career – has played a big part in reaching that comfort level. Not to say that I am in a comfort zone at work. I have my fingers in so many pies, there isn’t enough of me left to leave a groove to get stuck into. And that is awesome. Because I finally am in a place where I am allowed to tickle every part of my brain and bring value. And the two glass awards on my mantle proves this to me.

So, if you still think that it is unfair that I may place work before you, her royal Buttness may have an execution order for you Winking smile

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