13 June 2010


DSC00180 Yes, indeed. I have been a bad blogger. All this counting down to this sporting event, and then I completely skipped the opening day, and I don’t even have a single picture of this event yet. But it is here. The world is here. All eyes on us, and so far, it looks like we may just pull this thing off.

The atmosphere in Johannesburg has been tangible since Wednesday, and the Vuvuzelas are sounding continuously – even through the small hours of the morning.

Here’s a nice video on the Vuvuzela:

I’m heading into the streets now to find my own Vuvuzela. Figured that if you can’t beat them, you may as well join them.


Mandy said...

:) It must be a magical time to be in South Africa.

Vanessa said...

It really is quite something. Even the Q is caught up in it - and he never watches any kind of sport.

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