8 June 2010

Flags and flying

Sinead and Mike hopped on an airplane on Sunday morning to George. They will be staying with my mom for most of the duration of the World Cup.

While driving to the airport, we got to see all the flags erected along the roads in and out of the OR Tambo International airport, as well as some of the other funky decorations and advertising. Jo’burg has gone football and flag mad.


We also got to see the completed Gautrain station, but from the outside only unfortunately, as it wasn’t open to the public yet.


I can’t wait to catch this train.

Sinead and Mike looked like proper tourists, and Quentin did some surfing up the walkways.


It’s the first time we’ve visited OR Tambo since all the renovations ahead of the World Cup was done. We also happened to be there just before the Portuguese (and possibly Mexican) team(s) arrives(d), so we got to feel a bit of the gees :)


And now, they are at the coast, and we miss them already :)


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