20 June 2010


It has been a month now since we swapped over from a pure wireless net connection to a 4MB DSL solution, and I must say I have been quite happy with the speeds we’ve been getting.

I ran some tests at Speedtest.net yesterday:


And, I should add (because I believe it does make a difference), I was running the tests from my laptop over our wireless network.

Not a bad average. Of course, nowhere near the speeds achieved in other countries, or even from within corporate networks in this country, but a massive improvement on the 30kb/s we were getting before :)


Mandy said...

30kbps. Is that lower than dial up used to be? I thought that was 56kbps? As shallow a reason as it is, the internet speed is one of the reasons I'm here. Do you have a download cap?

Vanessa said...

Erm... no. I am getting 3Mbps. The upload test got 30kbps, but the downloads are in excess of 3Mb/s - way faster than dialup :)
We are on an uncapped connection now, and it appears to not be incredibly shaped either.

Mandy said...

Oooooh, sorry. Don't know how I got confused like that! That is lovely and fast!!

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