19 June 2010

Icy Jozi

Joburg has been uncharacteristically cold in the past couple of days, but the worst started on Wednesday, 16 June 2010. Quentin and I woke up fairly late, because it was a public holiday, and when we went outside for our morning smoke and coffee, we discovered that our little pool in the back yard had a layer of ice on top, thick enough to hold up Q’s lighter.


Of course, we had to play a little with the idea, and filled some containers with water, added dashes of food colouring to some, and left them on the table outside overnight.

DSC00276  DSC00274 DSC00267

Next morning, we had some mixed results. The water in the larger containers were frozen solid, while some of the smaller ones were completely unaffected. We have left the containers out every night since, and have noticed a repeat of the pattern.

DSC00285DSC00286 DSC00283

And this is our weather forcast for the next 36 hours. Brrrr.



Emm said...

Ooooooh, how did I miss this pretty little post!? Very pretty experiments and i am still in shock about the layer of ice on your pool!! How happy am I that I'm spending 3 weeks in SA over December? Pity it is not in February, our coldest month.

Vanessa said...

Oooh, when in December are you arriving?

Emm said...

12 December to 31 December. Will you be around?

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