7 June 2010

Become A Star Performer

DSC00081 This was circulated as part of a weekly company newsletter today, and it is something that is quite close to my heart, so I thought I would share it here.

Become A Star Performer

Did you know star performers think differently?  They know that there is a direct relation between their thinking and their action.  For example, if they only think about why an idea won't work, then the idea won't work.  If they think about how to make the idea work, they focus on strategies and resources to make that a reality.
Action Steps:

  • Be positive even when things are not going quite to plan.
  • Stay positive when interacting with a difficult person.  Keep a good attitude and think of ways to effectively communicate with this; person to diffuse anger.
  • Look for the opportunity in a situation, assignment, or problem.  Instead of seeing boundaries and restrictions, focus on the possibilities.  This will challenge you to think creatively, use your talents, and use resources you have not used in the past.
  • Remember, your thoughts drive your actions.
  • Be fully accountable for your thinking and behaviour.
  • Remain clear-headed when working under pressure.

Remember, attitude is a choice.  It is not so much what happens to you that is important as how you choose to respond.  People's attitude tends to spiral up or down depending on what is going on at that moment or how they feel.  We can appreciate the fact that we always have a choice.  Every time you are challenged by an individual, thrown into a difficult situation, or faced with a hectic day, you have a choice.  I'm not saying that you won't have days you choose to be frustrated or upset.  It's just knowing we made that choice.
This year, why not embrace the thinking of star performers.  You might just be surprised how your work situations and relationships will pleasantly change!

It is so important to keep this close to your heart in everything you do – whether it be work or personal relationships or hobbies.


Wenchy said...

Sjoe. I am not always good with that.

(I do try!)

Vanessa said...

Trying is half the battle won :)

Wenchy said...

then I am doing ok. :)

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