23 April 2010

Life, my universe and everything

DSC02323 I finally managed to download all  parts of the Visual Studio 2010 (trial) today. Finally. For some strange reason, the third file kept failing. I am guessing I downloaded dodgy cached copies, but nevertheless, I can finally install it. My geeky heart is doing cartwheels.
This week has been tough. Actually, the past two weeks have been rough. I’ve had some disappointing times with friends, and in some cases, it has impacted on all aspects of my life. And it has been tough. I have had to make some very tough decisions, that the human in me is still crying about, but sometimes you reach that point where you can no longer help people, and you have to put the happiness of your own family above anyone else. Oh well.
But, the past week has been tough. Have had to almost pull a rabbit out of a hat or three this week, work-wise, but pulled through with all my teeth and fingers, so I guess it ended up all right. I am just really, really tired, and looking forward to a week-end of reading and snuggling in bed. Because, of course, the rain returned.
Did I mention the rain? Right.
DSC02281I saw some pictures of myself taken last year, and almost cannot believe just how corpulent I was. I hate weight talk, but I realised today that I have managed quite nicely to reduce my general circumference and felt the need to write about it a little. It can only be good. I have noticed since my lifestyle change earlier this year, I have managed to shrink gradually without cutting out the nice things, like chocolate or cheese. I did buy some soy milk and rice milk today, to try alternatives, but I am not sure there is anything that could replace cheese in my future. It has now been four months since I last had meat, and I feel great. Still no cravings and I feel healthy. Still no change in my sleeping habits, but I never expected benefits there. I will need to get way more active to stabilise my sleeping habits. Baby steps.
There are only 48 days until the world is on our doorsteps. I like the anticipation that is building – even if not for all South Africans. Can’t wait to welcome the world :)

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