30 March 2010

SCOM: Custom report – disks that need defragging

DSC01885 I was asked recently to create a report for all disks that require a defrag. The most recent version of the Windows MP includes a monitor that checks fragmentation levels, which is great, but we switched off the alerting for this monitor, as we can typically only run defrags once a month, so I needed a way to generate a report without relying on the alerts.

I played around a little bit, and found I could pull the information from the state of the disk, and the result was a rather nifty little report that looks a bit like this:


(server names blurred out to protect the innocent)

The RDL file is available for download here. Create a data source that points to your OperationsManager database (not the DW), and update the report to use this data source and off you go. The report is set to, by default, run for the past week, but you can also select your start and end dates to select a different time period.


Lucas Darr said...

That's cool.

Are these servers or workstations? If they are servers, what version of Server is the most predominate?

I have a love-hate relationship with SCOM. At a certain point, it's just not smart enough, so some issues issues that seem transitory actually aren't.

Lucas Darr said...

Never mind, I see where you say "server."

Vanessa said...

I've learnt recently how to get a little more out of SCOM, and it is making things a little easier now...
And I quite like creating custom reports now, so my relationship is swinging back into the love quadrant :)

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