20 February 2010

Things I’ve learnt recently…


  • It is possible to be successful as a woman in a man’s world without losing your femininity.
  • It is possible to remain feminine without being obsessed with shoes, handbags, make-up or clothing.
  • It is possible to be successful in business without sacrificing your ethics, morals or self-respect.
  • There really is more to life than work or what others think of you.
  • Yes, it is difficult to live without money, but it is not impossible to be happy without it. It is actually far harder to be happy when all you think about constantly is money.
  • There really is no time like the present.
  • There is joy and beauty abundant in the world, but we tend to miss it because we are so focused on what is wrong with our lives.
  • My heart does not beat without music.


Wenchy said...

I am so glad to have met you. x

Mandy said...

Interesting post and i'm sure there's quite a lot going on behind it! I've never really defined my femininity before. I've certainly never really pondered it in any context outside of my marriage. Not that I think that my femininity or sense of self would disappear if my marriage had to dissolve but because for me, one of the great benefits of being married is that it puts me in a league where I don't have to think about any of those things.

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