20 February 2010

Friday 11:39/Saturday 10:50


I had so many things I wanted to write about this week. Like how it pisses me off when parents don’t take responsibility for their children’s education. Or how selfish the human race is, and how much selfishness pisses me off. And how bad customer service pisses me off. And how the whole ‘it’s not my problem’ attitude pisses me off. Writing this list now actually makes me happy that I didn’t have time to write about each of those – it gives the impression that I am constantly pissed off.

I am rocking it old skool today, since my playlist seems to be made up mostly of things like Fields of the Nephilim, Laibach, Sisters of Mercy and so on. It is good to hear these voices again.


I learnt two very important skills this week, one work related and one completely useless in most respects. I almost feel like I am working on a bucket list.

I suspect I may be working too much again. Even when I am not actively working, I am thinking about work. Time to crack open the hobby jar again.

I had a short story idea this week. I think I may just force myself to write it this week-end.

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