24 January 2010

Photo challenge: Yellow



Laura over at Female2Female is running photo challenge, as follows:

All you need to do is post a picture with the colour yellow in it. It doesn’t have to be a picture taken today – can be any picture you have.


At first I thought I have nothing yellow anywhere around me. And then I realised I had yellow flowers and yellow pots in the garden and my library is yellow too. So I got snapping, and took these:

DSC01330 DSC01339DSC01327

But my favourite of them all, and the one I put forward for this challenge, is this one:


The dude (our pet tortoise) making his way up to the new squash blossom. He simply adores them, and every single flower this plant has made so far has been eaten. I will have to continue buying squash for now, but he eats like royalty, so all is good in the world.

1 comment:

Laura said...

These are lovely photos. Thank you for taking part :)

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