24 January 2010

Butter mellow

Sometimes, we meet people who are just meant to be in our lives. But, the way we meet them often complicates the relationships, because there is always some baggage, some strings or some hurdles. Why do we sacrifice these relationships because of the strings others tie?

Fifteen years later, just about, and you are still my best friend. You get me. And I love you for that, and every thing else.

Why is it expected that one should become serious after a certain age? Are the 40-somethings not also allowed to have fun? And what about the 50 and 60 somethings?

We often forget the journey we have taken to get to where we are, especially when our children start their own journeys without us. While it is not good to cling to the past, it is important to remember the milestones and why they were what they were.

Even loners need people. Even if just to remind them why they are loners in the first place.

You can always approach a situation in two ways: a problem or a solution. The choice is yours.

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