24 January 2010

Home is where the heart is.

It has been just over a year since we’ve revamped the dining room, and I am still so much in love with the look. As a family, we tend to be quite messy at times, so I am rather pleased that this room has stayed beautiful.

I took this picture today of the mantel, which is still one of my favourite focus points in our house.


In the glass corner, I have recently added some wine bottles, as well as an old USSR army first aid kit that my father brought back from the war in Angola for me. The picture in the middle I took last night during a power failure in the area, and loved the light of the candle reflecting off the brass plate. The picture on the right is of a plate we bought while down at the coast for our dining room table. It is simply gorgeous, and sparkles in most light.

DSC01340  DSC01314 DSC01346

The next room on my list that needs a complete facelift is the library.


It is not a room as much as it is our entrance hall lined with a mishmash of bookshelves. It has also become a bit of a graveyard for all the ornaments we haven’t been able to find homes for in the rest of the house. The first thing i need to do is buy some decent bookshelves, because the current shelving simply can no longer cater with the vast amounts of books we have, meaning that the books are piled up every where in the house, and in most of the bookshelves, books are carefully stacked in double rows or piles on top of rows.

We are still to decide on a theme, but all we know is the yellow must go. We have discussed painting all rooms in the house (other than the dining room) a stone colour as a base, so this would probably be our starting point. Watch this space.

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Emm said...

I love your dining room! It is funny hoe tastes differ. I always liked yellow in my South African homes. I wouldn't really bother with yellow here though. I guess actually being able to decorate is still a long way away for us.

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