22 January 2010

7:52 Friday morning

DSC01268 I took today as a work-from-home day. I love WFH days, because I always get so much done.

I am really, really annoyed by people who ‘forget’ to use their indicators. Is it just me, or are big German sedans not kitted with those tiny little lights that tell people when you turn?

Last night, my daughter and I had a chat about the future, and she said she wants to be a stay-at-home Mom and writer. I said I wish I could do that. She asked why I couldn’t. I made a money excuse. I am still not sure if it is just about the money.

My daughter is made of awesome.

I have, this week, done a full 30 minutes of flight sim training. It is because I downloaded the demo, which has a time limit. Next week, after payday, I will purchase the full version and hopefully rake up more hours.

And seriously, I need a refund voucher for Summer. It is almost the end of January, and we have had a total of 4 warm days since here since we returned from the coast.

Random song for this morning: 672 by The Dresden Dolls.

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