17 October 2009

People are strange

DSC00010 I’m not really a people person. I kinda like people, and often enjoy spending time with them – even strangers – but I am really just too shy in most situations. My friends find this hard to believe, because once I know someone I really crawl out of my shell.

Every now and again, I will place myself into a social situation with strangers to try and conquer my shyness and most of the time, I will end up sitting quietly in a corner, observing, until right at the end.

Today, again, was one of those days. I attended a meet-up with strangers – women, to be more precise – and found it hard to strike up conversations with those around me. Mostly, I am never sure what to say or how anything I say would be received. It is not like my interests are so different to those around me – books, movies, media, online activities, gardening – there must be something there to talk about?

Maybe it isn’t shyness. Maybe it is utter self-absorption instead. So wrapped up in my own world that I am convinced there is no space for others.

Maybe I should just get over myself.


Wenchy said...

People are indeed strange.

I think it is difficult attending a gathering like today with strangers.

I've been blogging for 12 years... and in that time I've met some of my very bestest friends online... I've connected with people I would never have spoken to had we not the desire to write.

I think at these gatherings we talk about different things... whatever I guess is happening at the time.. People get to know each other rather intimately via blog, they become friends, so eventually end up talking quite personally and there is a trust that goes with it.

Visit again. :)

MamaMeeA said...

Well, I'm glad you went and hope you'll go again.

Emm said...

I've often thought about this (in my own respect). It used to be that I spoke so little and interacted so little with others that I found it difficult to talk at all, even when I was among friends. From being incredibly sociable, I still find it hard now to speak to people for prolonged periods of time.

I babble all day to my colleagues though! You can't shut me up!

I know when I go to the Buffy meetups though, I don't feel shy or awkward. I'm really happy to just sit and listen to them.

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