18 December 2008

Snippet: The Wind-up Snowglobe

A snippet of a new story sloshing around in my head.

He turned the dials and flicked switches randomly until the fuzzy image on the small screen returned. He could just hear her voice over the crackle. “Please, save me,” she said over and over as the picture looped.

He pounded the table next to the machine – careful not to hurt his only link with her - with his fists and screamed “No! Give me more!”

“Please save me,” her crackled voice repeated again.

“Where are you,” he whispered, and dropped his head into his hands.

She has been gone for days. Weeks maybe. Disappeared without a trace. And then, one day, while working on the machine, the first message came through. At first, there was no picture, but he twiddled the knobs and moved the antennae until, eventually, a snowy picture looped with her voice. It was not enough to tell him where she was, but it was enough to convince him that it was her.

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